News concerning my health, Camps and The Circle Way

Dear Circle Way - family,

As you might have read in my last e-mail, I currently have to take care for my health. I have several tumors in my head. One is bigger than the others and affects my speaking and parts of my body. There is hope that, with local anesthetics, this one can be removed and I regain my abilities. It might, however, just as well go in a different direction. In order to undertake this surgery, I have decided, together with my family, to travel to the USA. That has top priority for Ellika and me at the moment. That means that, at this point in time, we cannot come to the different camps and workshops. We do not see a reason, however, why these would have to be cancelled. Our intention and desire is that the camps and workshops continue to take place and the Circle Way is brought into the world and our community grows. There are two people, who will carry on our work and whom we trust fully. These two people are Kiki and Simon.

By now, Simon has been traveling with us for 5 years. He accompanies us and absorbs our teachings like a computer. He knows a lot about the content and had the possibility, throughout the time together in the teachings as well as in our private time, to get a deeper insight in the Circle Way and our life. In the teachings, he knows how to present our knowledge in his own way. Not only, that he teaches with us the things he has been learning in the past few years and knows how to apply them, he also cares for all parts of the tour organization and supports us essentially during our six-months’ summer tour. In the camps, I often mentioned, “if one day I cannot come, Simon will be there in order to carry on this work”. His attitude is filled with hope and enables us and other people to approach him with any concern and always find an open ear. He has become an important and loyal friend and companion.

Kiki Shining Rainbow has been a member of the Circle Way community for many years. In the past, she helped with organizing camps and delved into the Circle Way. In recent years, she has been spreading the Circle Way in her travels throughout Europe. She arranges and leads circles and workshops with friends or publicly. Frequently she traveled to the camps with us and became involved in the support of us and the camps. Kiki is strongly present with her heart. That characterizes her as a person of high empathy and a sense for how to get into contact with others. She shares her knowledge and experience in the circles or plays circle songs on the guitar which create a wonderful atmosphere and, in our view, reflect exactly the meaning of the Circle Way. Kiki supports our vision strongly and has committed herself to it for the most part of her life. Like this, she demonstrates how one can live the Circle Way in everyday life (family and work).

Out there, there are many wonderful people who help supporting the Circle Way, organize camps and workshops, lead circles and communicate the tools to others. These people are very important, for without them it would not be possible to spread and grow the Circle Way. It is us together who make the difference!

It is our wish that more people begin teaching the Circle Way. Because the ways to interpret the Circle Way are various, I would like to point at Kiki and Simon as two persons of whom I am convinced that when questions or problems come up, they will be pointing the way ahead in the sense of the circle. Together with them, you will be able to find out what is needed in the sense of the Circle Way.

During our absence, Kiki and Simon will represent us and pass on the teachings of the Circle Way. For organizational and other questions, Simon will still be the contact person. Both of them are wonderful people and we trust their skills to advance this work in our sense.

We wish the very best for all of you and a wonderful time in the circles, on the camps and in the workshops.

Wuniish - Walk in Beauty

Story and Ellika