Circle Way 2024 Schedule

Ellika and Simon will continue to carry on Medicine Story's work leading camps and workshops. More details can be found in Ellika and Simon's letter: English, Deutsch, or Italiano.

For all questions please write to Simon,

Date Place Contact
30 May-
2 June
Alpe Pianello - Italy
18-20 Castiglione di Sicilia - Italy
26-30 Asino e Luna Cervetery - Italy
3-7 Casa delle querce, near Varese - Italy
1-10 Summercamp Tempo di Vivere - Italy
11-17 Summercamp Neumarkt im Mühlkreis - Austria  
19-25 Summercamp Spitzmühle Berlin - Germany
30 Aug-
1 Sept
Near Wangen (im Algäu) - Germany
6-8 Womans Workshop Maheo, near Cologne - Germany
12-15 Camp Bornholwik North Germany
26-29 Camp in Valechiusella, near Ivrea - Italy