Circle Way Leadership

Leadership is necessary. For people to work together as a group it is necessary that there be leadership. When people in a group understand the dynamics of leadership and take various leadership roles, responsibility, in other words, for the different elements that will make a successful outcome, a reaching of the group goal, the functioning of the group is more smooth, efficient, and rewarding for everyone in the group.

Everyone has leadership capabilities, although for many they have not been developed, and for many others they have been developed with faulty premises that reduce their effectiveness. Throughout history and today in the world we have many more examples of poor, sometimes unfortunately truly harmful leadership. It benefits any group to take some time together to learn about effective leadership, leadership that creates a harmonious atmosphere of performing together, that validates and encourages each one for the contribution he makes, that can deal positively with conflicts among members, and keep the leader in close connection with his constituents.

Research has shown that the more autonomous a person is able to feel, the more his thinking and creativity can be engaged in the group process, the more known and appreciated he and his work are by the leader and his colleagues, the more successfully the whole group functions.

In our leadership workshops we look at the elements of superior leadership and the elements of harmonious group process. We will help individuals examine their own leadership styles and how to strengthen them, and at the difficulties they may be running into in the successful completion of their goals. We will look at various feelings that are a part of successful working together, such as trust, self-confidence, the value of their contributions to themselves and to others. Throughout we will be practicing an important tool we call “supportive listening.” And we will propose a look for each one at the future: a personal vision and a vision for the group as a whole, and suggest continued thinking of the possible pathways towards those visions.

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