Help promote Manitonquat's books

If you want to change the world with us and are looking for something to do, this is my suggestion of how everyone can do something simple, not spending any money and only a small amount of time, whatever time you choose, to help us spread the word. We spread the word by traveling and making workshops, camps and circles everywhere we can, and also with this website and a Facebook page and promoting the books I write about how to change the word.

Below are some tools for you. Some promotional letters which you can use to contact people, feel free to change any of them as you feel or redo completely in your own words and think of other possibilities. Also, below are some lists of media sources and ideas for you to research other sources and some tips about promotion and publicity in general, if you are interested in learning more and getting more involved.

One other thing I encourage anyone to do that would take a very little time - write a positive review of any of my various books appearing under my name, Manitonquat, on I can attest that those reviews really work - I never buy anything from Amazon without reading them and they definitely influence my decision.

– Manitonquat

Resources and Letters

(in Microsoft Word format)

Letter: A Plea for Help

Letter: Introduction to Manitonquat

Promotion for The Joy of Caring for Children in the Circle Way

General Tips for Book Promotion