Manitonquat & Ellika 2018 Schedule

Camps and workshops will be led by Kiki and Simon (two people, who will carry on Medicine Story's work and whom are trusted fully). More details can be found in Medicine Story's letter: News concerning my health, Camps and The Circle Way in, English, Deutsch, or Italiano.

For all questions please write to Simon,

*Kiki is traveling to the US to support Ellika and Story and will not be co-leading the camps during the time she is away. She will rejoin the tour as soon she returns to Europe.

Date Place Leading the Circle Contact
25-June 2 Pfingstcamp Oberbrunn Bavaria
5-14 Ireland
15-17 Workshop in Bad Honnef, Germany
22-24 Heckenbeck, Germany
25-30 Sweden near Stockholm
1-8 Berlin, Germany Simon
23-Aug 1 Oelde, Germany
Organizers, Team and Kiki*
31-Aug 5 Defend The Sacred - gathering in Tamera  Simon
2-5 Paca Mama Camp in south Germany Organizers
7-11 Germany Schönsee Simon, Kiki* and Organizers
10-19 Austrian Summercamp in Lebensgut Miteinander Simon, Kiki* and Organizers
22-2 Sept Summercamp in Tempo di Vivere close to Piacenza, Italy Simon and Kiki*
5-9 Rimini, Italy
Simon and Kiki*
12-16 Tempo di vivere close to Piacenza, Italy Simon and Kiki*
17-20 Avalon close from Pistoia, Italy Simon and Kiki*
27-30 Finning, Germany Simon and Kiki*
1-7 October Leadership Camp in Oberbrun in Bervaria, Germany
12-14 Womansworkshop with Ellika - Hennef, Germany