Manitonquat & Ellika 2018 Schedule

Schedule is developing and will be updated periodically with more dates and information.
(Note: address any questions about the European events to Simon,

Date Place Contact
25-June 2 Pfingstcamp Oberbrunn Bavaria
5-14 Ireland
15-17 Workshop in Bad Honnef, Germany
22-24 Heckenbeck, Germany
25-30 Sweden near Stockholm
1-8 Berlin, Germany
14-17 Bornholm, Demark
23-Aug 1 Oelde, Germany
2-5 Paca Mama Camp in south Germany
7-11 Germany Schönsee
10-19 Austrian Summercamp in Lebensgut Miteinander
22-2 Sept Summercamp in Tempo di Vivere close to Piacenza, Italy
5-9 Rimini, Italy
12-16 Tempo di vivere close to Piacenza, Italy
17-20 Avalon close from Pistoia, Italy
27-30 Finning, Germany
1-7 October Leadership Camp in Oberbrun in Bervaria, Germany
12-14 Womansworkshop with Ellika - Hennef, Germany