Come Home

We are star stuff
You and I, think of it
All billions of atoms
Bopping around our blood
In all our cells jostling, busy

Waking to another day
Regimented by DNA into bone
And nerve, skin, tooth, and hair,
Okay, folks, action, MOVE IT!
Life is calling now

And we confront each other
There you are, here am I
Star stuff each of us
We were conceived many
Billions of years ago

In the roaring factory
Of some churning sun
That gasped, died, and hurled
All that hydrogen, oxygen
Carbon and other refuse

Spinning into waiting space
Collecting on this welcoming rock
As water, stone, and many tiny
Squiggly things connecting
Feeding, growing, changing

Evolving to us – here we are
Ancestral star voices in us
Calling out to each other
In deep longing, here I am
Come home, come home

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