Giving is part of what we are here for.
Our lives are our greatest gifts, right?  And you,
You are Creation’s gift to the world.  Oh, yes.
In all your variety and uniqueness, a great gift.

Never was anyone like you, in all the history
Of the world, and never will be one again
Just like you.  So. You are it.  The only one.
The gift you were given is like no other.

And what will you do with it?  This precious life.
The only treasure there is.  Will you keep it
Hidden away?  What are you here for anyway?
That song, your own life, your special way

Of seeing and feeling and understanding,
That gift you alone were given is meant
To be given away.  That’s how I see it.
We’ve all got this great gift, life, our self,

And we’re supposed to give it away to the world.
To share our selves with each other, to increase
Each other and add to the wonder.  I mean,
What do you think you’re looking for out there?

Oh, I see you, running, running, no time, not
Stopping, trying to catch up to something.
What is it?  What do you miss?  You seem full
Of distractions, small things, but also, it seems,

A yearning, a longing, something you want,
You search for.  Do you know what it is?
Maybe it’s me.  Not just me, of course, but
All of us.  We are waiting..  We lost each other.

(Now we keep to ourselves.  If we reach out and
Get disappointed, we pull back again. Not safe.)
That’s not true: we didn’t get too close, we didn’t
Get close enough.  Deeper, deeper yet, we all

Every single one alive on Earth, we are longing
For each other.  We need each other.  It’s family.
And only dysfunctional because we’ve been hurt,
And we are afraid.  That’s all it is.  Really.

So what it takes is courage.  The courage to give.
No expectation, no trade, just a free gift, yourself.
Part of yourself anyway.  To start. Who knows
How far it goes?  When I am with you now

I want to stop thinking “please”.  In my longing
I want to offer myself: “Here I am.  I’m yours.”
What part of me can you use?  It’s only to say
“Thank you.”  Thank you for being in my life. 

My life is richer, wider, taller, with you in it.
Yes, it’s true, Giving is what we are here for, and
We can just choose, we can really choose
To have each other completely, now and forever.

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